Created by women, for womxn.  


I am a freelance project manager based in London and have an unhealthy obsession with interior design on Pinterest. 

My most recent freelance success was leading projects for brands such as Unilever and Pokémon.

I’ve been a freelancer for 5 years and I know how tough it is - relying on word of mouth recommendations or, dare I say, trusting a recruiter to match you with a company for a project, not to mention often chasing payments way past what is acceptable, sometimes never receiving payment at all. It feels lonely and it can be embarrassing to discuss with your full-time working friends or family who don't share the same experiences. 

I kept thinking why isn’t there a platform where I can ask other people for help? Somewhere we can support one another, ask questions, post articles, jobs or experiences. What started as three friends discussing the issues they faced in their freelance careers, quickly grew into a large WhatsApp group of talented women all sharing similar issues. This was when I realised the power of a community that wants to help one another. 

I am fuelled by a need to bring females to the forefront of the creative industry while exploring the nuances of gender within our industry

My mother said I came out chatting. I like to natter, talk, discuss and debate. I love to socialise and I love parties, events, showcases and workshops.

I’ve worked in the events industry since 2006 and lived in hotels all of my life. I’ve had the privilege of working on a huge variety of events in all shapes and sizes, learning something on every  single one. Production and logistics are my passion, I enjoy the ever-changing, ever-developing nature of it all.

Production is such a heavily male-orientated field. I want to level the field.  I haven't worked all those hours just for people to always look at the man next to me for answers.

Juggling motherhood and working has been the biggest challenge of my life. Freelancing allows me to choose when I work AND have time at home. The decision to step away from a full-time job and work on freelance projects helps me take control, work hard and enjoy myself knowing that I am not always having to juggle everything. 

I want to help mothers find their place in freelancing. It’s not the most forgiving industry and having to work around childcare hours and sickness etc all adds to the load. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it takes a community to support the whole family.


Project Manager, determined, arts enthusiast, team player, POWERFUL WOMAN

These are a few words I would use to describe who I am

I started my career in hospitality, managing various venues around the UK. I built a more direct career in the events world working with an international events company as a Production Manager, and after nearly a decade I braved the world of freelance project management and never looked back.

As one of the few women working in technical production, I had to be harder, work harder and shout louder often without feeling supported and being ridiculed for being a female. I noticed how little support there was for women in the industry the injustices of pay gaps, the lack of understanding for family planning and general feeling women's skillsets were being undermined.

I have always been passionate about rights, equality and encouraging people to take back the power in their life. This platform has allowed me to be part of something bigger that tries to minimise the situations I faced and create a support network and safe space for those who need it.