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International Womxn's Day 2021

'I love to see a young girl grab the world by the lapels. Life is a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass' - Maya Angelou

On this day dedicated to the kick ass womxn of the world what you are you going to be doing?

International womxn's day has been celebrated as early as 1908 when 15,000 women took to the streets to march for equality. Although we are still chanting for this, in the last hundred years we have changed the world. From running entire countries and sending spaceship to the moon to the 'me too' movement, our tribe has changed herstory.

Here at Lemonade Gang we believe that every day is womxn’s day, and supporting our achievements is a daily responsibility. The hustle is real and we support each one of you!

Usually, the day is marked around the world with arts performances, talks, rallies, networking, conferences and marches. While circumstances are different this year, it is still a day to celebrate. Let's champion womxn that inspire us, our peers, our friends, our mothers and their mothers - Shout out loud about their projects, achievements, motherhood, side hustles, the list is truly endless.

Let's continue to raise awareness about women's equality and support. Our tribe is stronger when we empower each other.

The pandemic has also bought its own set of challenges for women - from job losses to a rise in domestic abuse and the pressures of homeschooling - making the need for this year’s celebration more necessary than ever.

Let's be proud of being womxn every single day but especially today. For extra inspiration while you read this post, pop Beyoncé's Lemonade album on repeat - We have put together a guide for our favourite virtual events PROJECT FEARLESS Our lovely gang member Mareka Stake is hosting an incredible session this evening about turning frustration into fearlessness. Join Project Fearless, the Amsterdam-based after-school course designed to show gxrls how to celebrate and activate the power they have inside. Hosts Merida Miller, creative problem solver and PF founder, and Mareka Stake, freelance creative and volunteer coach of PF’s ‘Artivism for Climate Action’ course, take us through how to creatively challenge the patriarchy, the system, society or whatever we damn well like!

All donations for this event to go to project fearless.

During the hour together there'll be time for questions and we'll also all get frustrated, get fearless and get creative.

You will need: cardboard, tape, coloured pens, pencils or paint, and a lolly stick, chopstick or spoon. WOW GLOBAL WOW Global 24 - the first ever free 24 hour online festival uniting women and girls across the world, is available to catch up with now. Curated by teams from all over the world, audiences will hear from women, girls and people of all genders who are working towards a better, post pandemic world.

Now more than ever we need to find community; to connect women, civil society and governments and make women’s stories central to future planning across the globe. This is an opportunity to join hands, listen and ask ‘what do we need to change, and how’?

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: WOMXN AT WORK | DEFINING WOM*N: FLUIDITY OF INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE (Please note this event is on 09.03.21) Women? Womxn? Womyn? Language doesn’t resonate the same with every identity, so we must be aware of the intent, impact, and potential interpretations our words carry. Join us for a brave conversation as we all navigate the complexities of language, identity, and inclusion with empathy and honesty.

General Assembly are committed to bringing underrepresented voices to the forefront and recognising the need to listen to all members of their diverse community - During this panel discussion, experts ranging from the LGBTQQIA+ to the BIPOC spaces will dive into the significance of the words we choose, how we can adopt best practices into our everyday, and what “womxn” and “women” mean to them. In addition, we invite each of you to actively participate in this candid conversation.

We continue to learn what it means to champion intersectional communities and are excited to use this as a learning opportunity for our students — and ourselves BRIGHT NETWORK Not only will you connect with multiple leading employers at the forefront of gender equality, but also other like-minded, ambitious Bright Network members with whom you can begin to build your own network. The driving force behind this event is our Student Leadership Board – seven bright, passionate students who are committed to female empowerment. KTN This year, KTN are gathering companies and individuals to applaud the achievements of Women in Innovation.

Join them for this extraordinary 1 day online conference, jam-packed with workshops, inspirational speakers and groundbreaking ideas. This event aims to highlight the many inspirational female role models working within the UK, support the next generation of female innovators through workshops and expert advice sessions, and strengthen the UK as a world leader in innovation and gender inclusion. FORWARD LADIES An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender-equal world? Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

Everyone has a part to play. Now, more than ever, there’s a strong call-to-action for being equal. This is a call to motivate and inspire friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be the leaders needed to create an inclusive future. VOICES OF WOMEN SUMMIT An event in honour of International Women’s Day. The global UN Women theme for International Women's Day (IWD) 2021 is “Women in Leadership”. This theme celebrates the tremendous efforts of women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future. THE RISING NETWORK What is the Rising Festival?

The Rising Festival 2021 will be virtual, supporting women to find their balance, wellness and full potential amidst the challenges of living through a global pandemic. Celebrating the 2021 International Women’s Day theme of #ChooseToChallenge, the Festival brings inspiring, globally renowned speakers, a multi-day mentorship programme, engaging workshops and a masterclass series direct to your device.

Alongside a supportive community of like-minded women, challenge your thinking, raise your aspirations, face challenges with resilience and overcome obstacles to achieve a life you thrive in. Join our global community at the Festival who #ChooseToChallenge for International Women’s Day, and receive support from a diverse, inclusive and uplifting group of women who want to see you succeed. Throughout the event, challenge yourself in the areas of:

  • Wellness, including managing stress and anxiety

  • Developing personal resilience

  • Overcoming personal and professional challenges

  • Achieving balance for a career and life you love

  • The Festival’s inspiring programme runs from Saturday 6th March until Wednesday 10th March INDEED There are events taking place all over the world, check out the list from Indeed

SHE STARTED IT Editor-in-Chief Angelica Malin is excited to invite you to #SheStartedIt LIVE 2021 - a 2-day virtual festival of female entrepreneurs like none other. Taking place online on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th March 2021, #SheStartedIt LIVE is a celebration of amazing women who have started companies, movements, initiatives, businesses and everything in between.

This year's festival will be hosted within a private Facebook community, so you'll not only get to hear from incredible speakers, but also have the chance to network, connect & support other female founders.

Listen to some of the UK's most inspirational women, including female founders, CEOs, experts & self-help gurus, on subjects as diverse as work, money and self-confidence. This is THE ultimate festival for your career and life - and a great opportunity to network with other like-minded career women within a private online community! FLOW Flow, a health-conscious eatery and creative hub in is all set for its next edition of the Flow Talks Series, which is set to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021.

On Monday March 8, a panel of five incredible, inspiring, Dubai-based women will come together for a thought-provoking talk under the theme of “‘achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

The talk will delve into important topics including the importance of women standing at the front lines of the global crisis, women in leadership, plus applauding the tremendous efforts in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the pandemic.

The talk will be live-streamed straight from Flow's Instagram page (@flowdubai) between 4pm and 5pm meaning anyone can tune in from anywhere in the world.

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 than with a talk with some awe-inspiring women?

UCL: A Celebration of Women in Space This panel introduces students and early professionals to the experiences of women working within the space industry. The event features four women panelists from diverse backgrounds within the industry. This event will be hosted by Chaneil James, student of Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Cosmology at the University of Barcelona and founder of, as well as a Scientific Journalist for Physics World Magazine and a subject matter expert for NASA Space apps. Chaneil will be in conversation with; Anushka Sharma - founder of Naaut and co-founder London Space Network; Harriet Brettle - the head of business analysis at Astroscale and co-founder of the London Space Network alongside Anushka; and Christina MacLeod - mechanical engineering student at the University of Edinburgh and founder and Chair of the Edinburgh Women in Space Conference. The panel will discuss how to network within the space sector and experiences of being women in the academic and professional space industries. CORE RECRUITMENT Core Recruitment had the honour of speaking with some inspirational female leaders and you can watch some of the interviews on the links below – no registration necessary

- Eddie (Hill) Kemsley, CEO – Margate Estates Ltd & Dreamland, Margate :

- Daria Ovchenkova, CFO - Goodman Restaurant Group/Burger & Lobster Restaurant Group :

- Marion Carpentier Schonkeren, Group Food & Drink Director - L+R Hotels London & Regional Properties :

- Lucinda Pullinger, Global Head of HR - The Instant Group :

- Annemieke Wachter, HR Director & ESG Officer – citizen :

- Fiona Eastwood, Chief Operating Officer- Midway at Merlin Entertainments :

Easy things you can do today to celebrate womxn in your life: Thank a woman that you love and want to celebrate by sending her a letter or an email. Amplify womxn for the whole month on your social networks - A shout out can go such a long way Join OK mentor ( and become a mentor to a young womxn Support small womxn owned businesses by giving them your hard earned cash Buy a book by a woman author Remind yourself how far you have come Create a smile box - find every single text, letter, email that clients, friends and family have sent you, if you ever feel a sense of imposter syndrome or you are having a bad day, you just need to open this box Join Lemonade Gang

Are you hosting an event for International Womxn's day? Drop a message in the comments if you are :)

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