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We exist to bring together female talent
in the creative industry   


Share experiences, learn from one another and recommend one another to clients. Let's show that female freelancers can be a priceless resource to each other.

The more we show ourselves to other women who are starting out, the more these same women will want to start fighting for leadership positions within our industry.

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We need to make ourselves known to other women starting out, by sharing articles, going to events and meeting over coffee. These women are there for us to find. It’s a matter of joining the community and using everything it has to offer.

Introducing yourself to female founders on our Slack group is an easy way to extend your professional circle and even create friendships outside of work.

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15 years of


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Lemonade gang was formed in 2020 by three women looking to create something new and powerful for freelance women in the creative industries sector. We have a long history of working together in the events and creative industry. We have worked on private projects and helped major brands such as Facebook, Warner Bros. and Lush.

Having all worked for established companies, we wanted to take control of our careers by turning to freelancing. And we all noticed the same issues.

  • Difficulty in finding freelance jobs (no specific job-boards)

  • Jobs often needed freelancers at short notice (hard to manage your diary)

  • The events industry is heavily male-dominated 

Lemonade Gang was born to address these issues. Through our platform and community our goal is to help women reach their potential and learn from each other.

We asked our community what work accomplishments they were most proud of. 

Safe to say, our community creates work that is incredibly impactful, powerful, intelligent & beautiful.

VIP Event Manager on Michelle Obama's tour.
I was very proud to arrange the European
packages and VIP Tour.
I loved working with such an Iconic lady and so inspiring